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Netherwood Auckland Premiere tickets on sale

Netherwoods Auckland premiere tickets are on sale here for the 28th of January. Get in quick to check out this New Zealand modern western.


Help Journey of a Story get classification

Journey of a Story needs your support to get seen in cinemas – check out  their IndieGoGo page. My personal rational for why you should help them is below:

This locally produced, family created movie needs your help. To publicly screen this feature in cinemas, it needs to pay into New Zealand’s outdated and outmoded classification system to make their Anzac Day planned premiere.

They are over half way to their target goal of $1500 and your contribution would mean a lot.

Something to think about – crap US reality tv shows melting the minds of all who see them don’t have to be classified as they screen on TV, you only get to complain AFTER you have been mind raped – but for a thoughtful Kiwi film, made by a Kiwi family to show in cinemas they have to pony up!

If you think New Zealand projects should have less hurdles, rather than more, to be shown in NZ cinemas then I think you should help them out.

The story of the making this movie has a message for all New Zealand story tellers.

It is about a family wanting to tell their own personal story of not just how war affected their family, but of the importance telling stories has in exploring your own life, healing wounds and reconciling the past.

Journey of a Story is keen proof of the democratization of film making – that this film was made at all shows we live in a different age, where an average family can decide to tell their story in film, and get across the finish line and in to cinemas with the help of every day people – rather than spending a lifetime trying to get accepted by decision makers at corporate monoliths or profit driven broadcasters.

And for the chance of that freedom to be seen, in the place where it was made to be seen, I reckon it deserves your support.

Those who push the genres in New Zealand – Part 01

In New Zealand there are a variety of people who push genre fiction – there are creators and creatives and then there are producers, publishers, distributors, television networks, mainstream press outlets, magazines, websites and even blogs like this one.

This is a fractious and ever changing, tumultuous landscape filled with small independent companies that come and go, a few New Zealand based offices of some giant international companies, and the odd local player that has grabbed a foot hold and built their own little fort that can wave a genre flag both locally and outward towards the world from these far ends of the Earth. And I want to map it! Read more of this post

Netherwood – Farmer/Western

I don’t know a huge amount about Netherwood… I know it’s billed as a modern Western in North Canterbury New Zealand farm land, that it was produced locally by Owen Black who is also the leadand that it has a summer tour planned for regional New Zealand (According to their blog, dates to be announced), it has a talented cast and that I was around the office when Afterglow helped them out by providing a sound booth to do a spot of ADR in, and I foolishly missed out on a chance to see a sneak peak preview last year when my boss offered tickets because he couldn’t go.

I know it played at the Christchurch leg of the film festival, but haven’t seen any press reviews from those screenings.

All in all the web presence and marketing for the film is pretty low key, but I believe the guys behind it have been doing the hard yards on the ground organizing screenings and preparing for what sounds like an interesting attempt at four walling this New Zealand film, hopefully ahead of a wider release.

I wish them all the luck, and hope if you haven’t heard of this film before, that you snoop around and keep an ear to the tracks, I’d hate for it to roll by unnoticed!

New Zealand Comic Blog posts Comic about falling in love with a medium

The purpose of this blog is to explore genre, genre without being too picky about the medium. But as a creative I know that there are many for whom the medium is what drives them, much more than just the messages or stories that can be told within that medium. And as a fan, I know some mediums float my boat more than others – I’m into movies and tv shows more than comics or computer games or books – no real reason I can discern, it’s just the medium that has traditionally grabbed me the most.

In his excellent blog From Earth’s End Adrian Kinnaird has posted about his experience of falling into the world of comics, and he has backed it up with a stunningly gorgeous and poignant comic to really clearly express that point.

(Click the image to view on Adrian’s blog)

I’m sure you have all seen  and if you haven’t, well you should get over there and check it out for a chance to create or vote on the creation of a $100,000 NZ Feature Film.

What’s awesome about this competition and idea, apart from the fact that a movie is definitely going to get made by April next year by somebody with a great idea, log line, synopsis and poster, is that it’s going to give me a chance to do a comparison I’ve always wanted to do but never really had the tools to get the data on.

With it I’ll be able to compare what kind of films aspiring New Zealand film makers want to make, with what sort of films New Zealanders actually go to see at the box office.

Now sure, there are limitations in doing this comparison – these films are meant to be able to be done for 100,000 dollars, whereas a lot of the films we watch are in genres that really can’t be made for that sort of money very easily… But in saying that, a quick look at the initial entries shows a healthy smattering of sci fi, period pieces, action crime movies and more – so I think simply the chance to put an idea out there is definitely outweighing peoples conservatism about what can be achieved for $100k.

Which may not be great for their chances of winning, but is great for my chances of getting a feel of what people actually have ideas about and want to make.

So, when all the entries are in, I’m going to try and do a bit of a comparison – break down the ideas into rough genres (very unscientifically chosen by me) and compare what ratios of those films compare to how well various genres perform in New Zealand (data I have been collating anyway).

I think it’ll be really interesting to compare what people want to make, with what we’ve historically watched, and where the similarities/discrepancies lie.

Beyond Reality Media – Motion Comics

Beyond Reality Media have just posted their first Motion Comic for The Warden – and it looks like v48HOURS regulars Mukpuddy were involved!

Check it out!

Beyond Reality – Comics Online

So there is a New Zealand based outward looking company, publishing internationally appealing genre comics, online, for free – pretty bold stuff that deserves your attention I reckon!

Five comics updating five times a week under one banner, for free. Pretty sweet deal for us as readers.

The Inspiration Duncans – Sci-fi oddity or Slapstick hallucinogenic comedy, I haven’t quite figured out where this one is going yet, the main character is a gamer who works in a testing lab, and at the latest plot point is sporting some toxic avenger style armament, has set out to fight floating ‘scrotum monsters’ that perhaps only he can see, and has suffered experimental laxative induced diarohea.

Written by William Geradts and Richard Fairgray, Art by Gonzalo Martínez, Colours by Juan Moraga this is a great looking publication that I recommend you check out for yourself to see if you are into it or not, because the matter of fact description above is a poor substitute for the geek culture affected slightly unhinged story told so far.

The Warden – This comic appears to be a slightly twisted take on the classic super hero comic – a do gooder with world saving powers, the Warden quickly establishes a world of classical super heroes and super villians, and while at first it seems to like it’s playing both broad and obvious the description and risque family of supervillians promises that like the Inspiration Duncans that there is bound to be some sort of subversion in the works.

Written by William Geradts and Christian Gossett, Art by Alan Robinson, Colours by Cristian Gonzalez

Attica – Demigods/Immortals of all kinds seem to be the focus of Attica, starting with a viloent swords and sandals bloodbath, a little bit of deity based intrigue, and jumping into other times and places one can sense the bringing together of many mythical characters in a similiar way to White Wolf Publishing’s may be in the cards”Exalted“.

Written by William Geradts and Christian Gossett, Art and Colours by JJ Kirby

Empires – Steampunk and Victoriana – fans of Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comic, not the movie!) or Dr Grordbort’s could well get into this title!


Written and Drawn by Robert Rankin, Colours by Coleen Littleford-Allen

The Red Star – Alternate Reality Timeline Soviet Inspired Sci Fi Superheroism. Eisner Award Winning. Check it out.

The Red Star

Created by Christian Gossett.

Crumpled up posts…

So contrary to my last post I have let things go idle again on here, despite having a number of posts in the ‘draft’ section of this website, all over long and all started too far back in time for anyone’s liking. Shorter and more frequents starts now though.


Work, life, project balance

So my resolution to post three times a week at this early stage of Genre NZ has gone a bit out the window! It just goes to prove how hard work/life/project balance can be – as a heavy work load, film festival screenings, a touch of winter illness any a number of personal errands have left me unable to do the research for the articles I have wanted to do and uninspired about posting updates just to say that I didn’t have much to say.

Some people are naturally prolific, others have to really work at being disciplined, and sometimes we all feel a bit like Bilbo at the beginning of Lord of the Rings “like marmalade spread too thin across a piece of bread.”

When you start to feel like that I have learnt that you often need to prioritize your personal well being – but from your fans perspective it is still important to let people know you won’t be posting, so apologies on that front.

However in my period of absentia, I have gotten wind of a bunch of NZ based genre projects in development so I am going to try and stick to shorter updates more frequently for a bit – I’ve never been great on brevity – but as twitter has shown there seems to be a market for it.

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