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Horror genre in NZ – an example post on Wound

Ok, so say I am a horror content creator, I have my own project, maybe it’s  got a Facebook page or a website.

As a creator I will introduce myself and link to my content. This could be in the form of a link to a website of Facebook page, something as simple as:

Hi, I’m Craig and I’m in development on a thriller/horror called Seizure. You can check out our page on Facebook

(Note: once a fully hosted version of the site is up and running proper embed codes for Facebook will allow us to put “Like boxes” and other embedded social networking content right on the post pages – which will increase our ability to create a hub from which fans can find, and show their appreciation for, other genre creators projects)

So today I could decide to feature David Blyth’s latest Horror Film, Wound. Because if we are talking about genre horror film making in New Zealand, David Blyth really broke ground with Death Warmed Up way back in 1984 and one small part of the inspiration for getting off the ground was seeing him go back to narrative film making, a decision propelled at least in part I believe by the emergence of the same sort of cost effective digital cameras and production tools that are putting the craft of making cinematic works in the hands of more and more creators every day.

Now both Death Warmed Up and Wound are probably oddities to the main stream – low budget horror films from a New Zealand director don’t garner mainstream press as much as Hollywood blockbusters (even when when a fuss is kicked up about their content/classification).

But this is where the point is to mention such work, this post is getting categorized under horror – so when the site is fully functional NZ Horror fans will be able go to and get just info on New Zealand Horror, where NZ films like Wound and Death Warmed would take pride of place. In the meantime, if you select the category on the bar to the left, you will see horror now pops up and you can filter the site to just show the horror posts. Simple, obvious, and it works.

Wound really pushes the Horror genre out there into some wild Lynchian territory, and in my view is pretty much a must watch for anyone thinking of making a horror film in New Zealand.

Not because you necessarily want to emulate it’s mix of shock value imagery and psychological mystery – but because there is so much going on in it that you are bound to take inspiration from something, whether it’s the risk taking narrative structure, the no holds barred performances or the plentiful low budget, squirm inducing special effects you’ll see a movie that both gives a lot to and asks a lot from it’s audience.

So I post the trailer, maybe write a review – maybe do an interview with some of the people who were behind the scenes on the film – working on creative stuff means I know other people who work on creative stuff, and talking to it about them and getting some insight, be it the film makers or the crew, is going to be useful for everyone.

Essentially, what is written on here is just like many other blogs really, the key difference being this – it’s categorized by genre, it’s New Zealand focussed, and it’s focus on attracting content creators means that you can push your fans here where they might be able to find other content they like, and other content creators can do the same, and between everyone we can share the word about what we are creating and releasing and maybe also connect our fan bases, and grow them at the same time.

Of course – you don’t need to be a film maker of renown to talk about your work –  you could be a short story writer, a comic creator, an artist or even a V48HOURS competitor who made a film in a given genre and want to make something more, network to an audience, and network with other creatives who are interested in that genre.

In fact, the V48HOURS films are actually particularly awesome in this regard, because on we plan to highlight a number of them and talk to the people who made them, and since they are already nicely logged and categorized into genres, it’s going to be easy for us to find  your film, and hopefully for all the competitors to find and engage with us and make their teams and fans aware of and give their shorts some exposure year round – not just those who are finalists but potentially any of the shorts that uncover or say something about their genre and how we can approach making genre content in New Zealand.


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