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Rotting Hill – Zombie (Romance?) from New Zealand

Ok – so I just did a sample post about Horror, and I almost immediately see a link online that gives me the opportunity to do another

Media Design School has been releasing some pretty amazing shorts recently, pretty much in line with very experienced film maker and vfx guru James Cunningham coming on board as a teacher. He appears to be giving students there a real work out by taking the reins as director on shorts where the students then seem to be tackling some pretty challenging VFX, leading to awesome results like this:

Rotting Hill from Media Design School on Vimeo.

Check out more about James’ and his work at NZONSCREEN

Of course, this work does bring up one of the questions I knew would face – if this is a Horror Romantic Comedy, where exactly should it get categorized? I could tag it under multiple entries, but I am wary of doing that in general because you don’t want to overly dilute the value of your system. Librarians must face this quandary all the time.

I’m sticking with Horror in this case, as it’s definitely not for the squeemish – but it does make me wonder if there should eventually be a voting/up tick system for content which lies on the border between two genres. Let the audience decide?






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