The New Zealand Genre Content Network

Generating an audience

Part of the point of will be to help genre content creators learn the skills to generate and sustain an audience while busily working on other projects. This is a tricky proposition, as it requires regular updates and fresh content, despite also working on larger projects, and, invariably in New Zealand, there is usually the matter of the day job as well.

I am more than familiar with this problem, as I have been experiencing it myself. 10 days without a post – ages in online terms, and enough to have a big impact at even this formative stage of this pre website blog!

So, I’m going to have to try and set a better example, with scheduled posting.

Web comics are a great model here – as a form they have taken the sunday funnies as syndicated on mass to newspapers, turned the business model on its head by giving away for free the majority of their content, while retaining all IP ownership and managing revenue through banner ads and merchandise.

The best web comics, in my view, stick to scheduled posts, at least three comics a week. So while developing I am going to try and blog content three times a week. Not so much that this becomes a personal diary, but enough that people don’t have to wonder whats going on. So from now on expect posts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as regular features. There may be more in a given week, but I will try and ensure that there is never less.


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