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Work, life, project balance

So my resolution to post three times a week at this early stage of Genre NZ has gone a bit out the window! It just goes to prove how hard work/life/project balance can be – as a heavy work load, film festival screenings, a touch of winter illness any a number of personal errands have left me unable to do the research for the articles I have wanted to do and uninspired about posting updates just to say that I didn’t have much to say.

Some people are naturally prolific, others have to really work at being disciplined, and sometimes we all feel a bit like Bilbo at the beginning of Lord of the Rings “like marmalade spread too thin across a piece of bread.”

When you start to feel like that I have learnt that you often need to prioritize your personal well being – but from your fans perspective it is still important to let people know you won’t be posting, so apologies on that front.

However in my period of absentia, I have gotten wind of a bunch of NZ based genre projects in development so I am going to try and stick to shorter updates more frequently for a bit – I’ve never been great on brevity – but as twitter has shown there seems to be a market for it.


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