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Beyond Reality – Comics Online

So there is a New Zealand based outward looking company, publishing internationally appealing genre comics, online, for free – pretty bold stuff that deserves your attention I reckon!

Five comics updating five times a week under one banner, for free. Pretty sweet deal for us as readers.

The Inspiration Duncans – Sci-fi oddity or Slapstick hallucinogenic comedy, I haven’t quite figured out where this one is going yet, the main character is a gamer who works in a testing lab, and at the latest plot point is sporting some toxic avenger style armament, has set out to fight floating ‘scrotum monsters’ that perhaps only he can see, and has suffered experimental laxative induced diarohea.

Written by William Geradts and Richard Fairgray, Art by Gonzalo Martínez, Colours by Juan Moraga this is a great looking publication that I recommend you check out for yourself to see if you are into it or not, because the matter of fact description above is a poor substitute for the geek culture affected slightly unhinged story told so far.

The Warden – This comic appears to be a slightly twisted take on the classic super hero comic – a do gooder with world saving powers, the Warden quickly establishes a world of classical super heroes and super villians, and while at first it seems to like it’s playing both broad and obvious the description and risque family of supervillians promises that like the Inspiration Duncans that there is bound to be some sort of subversion in the works.

Written by William Geradts and Christian Gossett, Art by Alan Robinson, Colours by Cristian Gonzalez

Attica – Demigods/Immortals of all kinds seem to be the focus of Attica, starting with a viloent swords and sandals bloodbath, a little bit of deity based intrigue, and jumping into other times and places one can sense the bringing together of many mythical characters in a similiar way to White Wolf Publishing’s may be in the cards”Exalted“.

Written by William Geradts and Christian Gossett, Art and Colours by JJ Kirby

Empires – Steampunk and Victoriana – fans of Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comic, not the movie!) or Dr Grordbort’s could well get into this title!


Written and Drawn by Robert Rankin, Colours by Coleen Littleford-Allen

The Red Star – Alternate Reality Timeline Soviet Inspired Sci Fi Superheroism. Eisner Award Winning. Check it out.

The Red Star

Created by Christian Gossett.


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