The New Zealand Genre Content Network

I’m sure you have all seen  and if you haven’t, well you should get over there and check it out for a chance to create or vote on the creation of a $100,000 NZ Feature Film.

What’s awesome about this competition and idea, apart from the fact that a movie is definitely going to get made by April next year by somebody with a great idea, log line, synopsis and poster, is that it’s going to give me a chance to do a comparison I’ve always wanted to do but never really had the tools to get the data on.

With it I’ll be able to compare what kind of films aspiring New Zealand film makers want to make, with what sort of films New Zealanders actually go to see at the box office.

Now sure, there are limitations in doing this comparison – these films are meant to be able to be done for 100,000 dollars, whereas a lot of the films we watch are in genres that really can’t be made for that sort of money very easily… But in saying that, a quick look at the initial entries shows a healthy smattering of sci fi, period pieces, action crime movies and more – so I think simply the chance to put an idea out there is definitely outweighing peoples conservatism about what can be achieved for $100k.

Which may not be great for their chances of winning, but is great for my chances of getting a feel of what people actually have ideas about and want to make.

So, when all the entries are in, I’m going to try and do a bit of a comparison – break down the ideas into rough genres (very unscientifically chosen by me) and compare what ratios of those films compare to how well various genres perform in New Zealand (data I have been collating anyway).

I think it’ll be really interesting to compare what people want to make, with what we’ve historically watched, and where the similarities/discrepancies lie.


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