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Help Journey of a Story get classification

Journey of a Story needs your support to get seen in cinemas – check out  their IndieGoGo page. My personal rational for why you should help them is below:

This locally produced, family created movie needs your help. To publicly screen this feature in cinemas, it needs to pay into New Zealand’s outdated and outmoded classification system to make their Anzac Day planned premiere.

They are over half way to their target goal of $1500 and your contribution would mean a lot.

Something to think about – crap US reality tv shows melting the minds of all who see them don’t have to be classified as they screen on TV, you only get to complain AFTER you have been mind raped – but for a thoughtful Kiwi film, made by a Kiwi family to show in cinemas they have to pony up!

If you think New Zealand projects should have less hurdles, rather than more, to be shown in NZ cinemas then I think you should help them out.

The story of the making this movie has a message for all New Zealand story tellers.

It is about a family wanting to tell their own personal story of not just how war affected their family, but of the importance telling stories has in exploring your own life, healing wounds and reconciling the past.

Journey of a Story is keen proof of the democratization of film making – that this film was made at all shows we live in a different age, where an average family can decide to tell their story in film, and get across the finish line and in to cinemas with the help of every day people – rather than spending a lifetime trying to get accepted by decision makers at corporate monoliths or profit driven broadcasters.

And for the chance of that freedom to be seen, in the place where it was made to be seen, I reckon it deserves your support.


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